Thanks for visiting my site! My debut YA novel, A SERIES OF SMALL MANEUVERS, will be released Nov. 2015. I’m also the author of the story collection CLOSE IS FINE, which received the Wisconsin Library Association Literary Award.

Whats New?

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If you’re so inclined, you can now follow me on Twitter: @eliottreichel

Small Maneuvers on Pinterest

The nice folks at Ooligan Press have set up a Pinterest board for A Series of Small Maneuvers!

“Pura Vida” at Hawai’i Pacific Review

Stoked! The wonderful Hawai’i Pacific Review has given my new story, “Pura Vida,” a home.

A Bit Like the Ocean: ET Interviews Tyler McMahon

Please check out my interview with the talented Tyler McMahon, author of the novels Kilometer 99 and How the Mistakes Were Made.