Eliot Treichel

Research Notes Up At Necessary Fiction

My contribution to Necessary Fiction’s Research Notes series is up. In it, I trace the history of “Novitiate Falls,” a bonus story to Close Is Fine. You can download a copy of “Novitiate Falls,” as well as read my post, right here.

NW Book Lovers Blog Post

The Northwest Book Lovers blog was kind enough to offer me a guest post, where I talk about the headwaters of my writing life.

“Stargazer” is a Story of the Week

Narrative Magazine recently ran “Stargazer” as a Story of the Week.

Open Boat, Open Mind

DID the adventure begin when I’d realized, an hour into the trip, that I’d left all my CDs on the kitchen table back home? Or had the adventure begun months earlier, on a rainy winter day, when I’d first decided to travel to the Blackfoot River and meet up with old friends at the Open […]

Sometime to Return

I SPED down Van Alsteen Road, my truck bouncing from the dips in the sun-bleached blacktop. Corn fields, green and thriving, blurred by. My left arm was angled out the window and my hand surfed through the air. I had a cheap, portable CD player plugged in through the cassette slot and speakers with enough […]