Midwestern Gothic Interview

Midwestern Gothic was kind enough to ask me a few questions about A Series of Small Maneuvers, Wisconsin, and writing YA. Read the full interview here.

SMALL MANEUVERS Reviewed in Australia

Australian blogger The Cosy Dragon reviews A Series of Small Maneuvers: “What was refreshing about this novel was that Emma didn’t need a love interest or a best friend to get out of her trauma… 4 very strong stars from me.”


Huffington Post blogger and YA author Melanie Bishop says A Series of Small Maneuvers is one of the best books she’s read this year, “in any genre.” Click here for her full review.

The Story Behind the Story

Want to know the story behind A Series of Small Maneuvers? Check out this series of blog posts I wrote for Ooligan Press: Part I, Part II, Part III.

The Thing That Goes There

MY shift began at seven a.m., three hours before the library opened to the general public. Seven was early for me, and I usually arrived at work about one minute to seven—or right at seven, or about one minute after seven—something that began to earn …

One Last Glimpse

Canoe & Kayak has published “One Last Glimpse,” my reflection on the recent environmental tragedy on the Animas River near Durango, Colorado.